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Sports Pub w Gdańsku

Unforgettable emotions in sports pub in Gdansk!

Sports Pub in Gdansk Grass - passion for international cuisine, Irish Guinness and soccer made us open our pub in Gdansk, Szeroka Street 7 years ago. It's not only the cuisine that is international with us - our staff also comes from the most diverse parts of the world. Our sports pub in Gdansk is located in the heart of the city - on Szeroka Street.

The name Grass suggests everything we like best - the green Ireland where Guinness beer comes from and the green turf of the stadiums where football matches are played. If you share our passions - be sure to drop by. We assure you - you will definitely feel at home here. 

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Our guests

Join us at Sports Pub in Gdansk, Poland

Football games aren't enough?
With us you can meet athletes and sports journalists. We have already hosted Sebastian Mila, Radoslaw Majdan and Jacek Kurowski.

Such guests please us immensely, but every guest is warmly welcomed with us.

Stop by for a cold Guinness or hot sour soup, and maybe you'll be lucky and someone from the world of great sports will visit us again during this time.

If it doesn't happen, we still guarantee an excellent menu and a hot atmosphere, as well as the opportunity to watch the most important sports events on the big screen. Come to the Champions League, cup and league games and cheer with us. It's always fun here!

Sports Pub w Gdańsku - Radosław Majdan


Guinness at Grass Sports Pub in Gdansk - stay with us for longer

Najlepsze koktajle w Gdańsku

Our cocktails will make you feel like you're on a tropical island.... Stop by and visit GrasS!

Our bartender is always at your service. Fancy an unexpected combination of flavors? - We suggest a red mojito. Do you prefer the smell of hot southern fruits or the blue of the Caribbean lagoon? - we will conjure up something especially for you. You can certainly treat yourself to an excellent cocktail based on your favorite drink with us.

Challenge us and we will prepare something especially for you. We always guarantee the highest quality ingredients and... complete satisfaction. You are welcome!

Something for the body...something for the spirit

All our food and drinks are prepared from fresh and natural products. The quality of the food we serve is as important to us as the relaxed atmosphere. There is something for everyone here.

Here you will feed your body, enjoy the joyful atmosphere and... experience the excitement of sports if you feel like it.
Drop by the Grass Sports Pub in Gdansk, Poland!

Koktajle w Gdańsku
Koktajle w Sports Pub w Gdańsku

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